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Become a City Organizer

Jane’s Walks are organized by volunteers in over 200 cities around the world. These City Organizers work at the grassroots level to coordinate and support Walk Leaders, promote walks, and steward the movement locally. They also support each other, collaborate between cities, and help new City Organizers get started!

City Organizers are the people who organize Jane’s Walks in each city. Anyone can be a City Organizer. About half of City Organizers coordinate Jane’s Walks as part of their work for nonprofits, projects, initiatives, governments, architecture and consulting firms, and academic institutions. The other half are unaffiliated with an organization and coordinate Jane’s Walks as passionate, engaged everyday citizens who love their cities.

If you’re an organization or institution, Jane’s Walk can help you create more depth for your existing programs and expand your reach with very little heavy lifting. It’s easy and accessible, requires very little organizational capacity, can foster strategic alliances, and creates real change. If you’re an individual, organizing Jane’s Walks is a fun, easy way to give back to your community, lead change, and improve your city.

Jane’s Walk is a little different in every city, but all City Organizers have three core responsibilities.

1. To read the Jane’s Walk Principles, agree to uphold them, and review any walks planned for their city to make sure they adhere to the Principles.
2. To organize Jane’s Walks, promote them, and serve as the primary contact for local media, Walk Leaders, and walk participants.
3. To support other City Organizers as part of the global Jane’s Walk community with advice, encouragement, and information.

The City Organizer’s role is also to sustain their project locally and help it grow, so we also encourage and support City Organizers to:

– Conduct outreach to bring new voices–both Walk Leaders and participants–into city-building conversations.
– Create and manage local social media accounts.
– Provide Walk Leaders with training, guidance, and advice.
– Collect feedback from Walk Leaders and participants.
– Sustain momentum by building a local support base of Walk Leaders, volunteers, media, and community partners.

It depends on the size of your project. You can organize one walk or hundreds, depending on your desire and capacity to scale. Organizing a few walks per year requires only a limited investment of time. Organizing a large, city-wide festival requires a much larger investment of time and other resources. We provide a City Organizer Toolkit full of resources and support to help you organize walks at any scale.

Until 2018, Jane’s Walk was operated by an organization based in Toronto. Now, City Organizers are a global, self-organized community who occasionally receive some light guidance from a volunteer advisory committee. If you need help, advice, or encouragement from the global community, don’t hesitate to reach out! Once you’re registered as a City Organizer, we’ll provide you with lots of resources and connect you to other City Organizers so that you can exchange knowledge and collaborate.

Not at all! You’re in charge of how and when walks happen in your city. Most Jane’s Walks happen during the official Jane’s Walk Festival weekend, which is always the first weekend in May. However, many City Organizers choose to hold festivals at other times of the year, or even organize walks year-round. We only ask that each City Organizer coordinate at least 1 Jane’s Walk in their city each calendar year. If you decide that you no longer want to be a City Organizer or you don’t have time or organize at least 1 walk, you can remove yourself at any time.

If your city isn’t on our cities list, or if there is no organizer on your city’s page, it means you can become the City Organizer! There is no application. Simply raise your hand to become a City Organizer by answering a few questions below.