City Organizer Summary

So you want to get Jane’s Walks started in your city? Awesome! 

First, check whether there is already a City Organizer in your city by visiting our city directory. If there is already a City Organizer, get in touch with them and offer to help.

If there isn't a City Organizer listed for your city, that means we're still looking for someone to lead the charge! City Organizers coordinate walks in their cities and serve as the primary contact for local walk leaders, media, and the Jane's Walk project office in Toronto.  

Here’s a rundown of what being a City Organizer involves:


All City Organizers have three core responsibilities.

1. To read the Jane's Walk Principles (click here), agree to uphold them, and review any walks planned for their city to make sure these adhere to the Principles.

2. To be the primary contact for all Walk Leaders in the city.

3. To help promote all walks, particularly during the festival, through local and social media.


The City Organizer’s role is also to sustain the project locally and help it grow, so we encourage them to:

- Collect feedback from walk leaders and participants

- Make plans to ensure that walks continue in the future -- for example, build a list of people who might take over if the current CO is unable to organize again next year

- Manage a blog on their city’s Jane’s Walk page

- Collaborate with other local events and reach out to other organizations to get them involved


City Organizers often seek out new Walk Leaders, especially those whose voices aren't always heard in civic conversations. Reaching out to new walk leaders will help you build the project. Think about what’s happening in your city:

- Are there intriguing civic and community projects in the works?

- Are there communities and groups with experiences of your city that you'd like to learn about?

- Have you heard about individuals doing interesting and valuable work?


Reach out and bring new voices into the conversation!


How much work will this be?

That depends on the size of your project.

Jane’s Walk works at five different scales -- Murmur, Buzz, Dialogue, Chorus, and Movement. We've compiled guides with detailed directions and advice for leading the global festival (as a starting point) at each of these scales. Beyond this, you can expand to year round walking tours and encourage people to organize them for various local events and campaigns.

Click here to read the guides -- they'll give you a sense of what kind of work will be involved.

Generally a team of people will work together on organizing the project, with one person as the "face" or main contact person. Some people pull together teams of volunteer organizers; others organize walks as part of their work with community development associations, city planning offices, university planning departments, etc.

First festival?

If this is the first time you're organizing Jane’s Walks in your city, you'll probably want to host a small (Murmur or Buzz-sized) festival during the global festival weekend -- if it goes well, you can scale up in the years to come.

Once your city is added to the Jane’s Walk website, anyone will be able to post a walk. If you live in a large city, it’s possible that a lot of people will post walks, particularly during the festival, and your project will grow quickly. If things are beyond what you can manage, we'll provide support from the Project Office in Toronto.

OK, that’s the scoop!

If you would like to sign on as a CO, or if you’d like to be part of an organizing team for your city, click here.

Any questions? Email us!