Jane’s Walk Goiânia 2015

///Jane’s Walk Goiânia 2015
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May 2015

Walk leader: Carol Farias

Opening the 2015 Jane’s Walk Festival, Carol Farias, Goiânia city organizer, conducted a walk along the South Sector, a district often requested because of its great number of green areas, alleys, urban art and very few buildings. This was the most popular Jane’s Walk we’ve hosted with over 50 walkers present. Among them was a senior official from the city government, a blind person, a mother with a baby carriage, and various adults with children. The main newspaper of the state also came up and covered the story.

Locals took turns picking up the megaphone to share their stories of the neighbourhood, problems they usually face and solutions they’ve found. Some pointed out the trees they have been planting over the years, responsible for a great part of the shade during our walk.

They also complained about the garbage collection service that often times is responsible for damaging those same trees. This citizen interaction was definitely a very important part of the walk. It was beautiful to see such a diversity of people from different age groups, gender and social classes, coming together to show passion for this neighbourhood.

By the end of the walk, the ex-Secretary of Urban Development and current Secretary of Environment for the City Council took the megaphone to share why these walks are important to the city. He said that we (Sobreurbana) are beginning a silent revolution by promoting these Jane’s Walks, and that it truly is important for citizens to know their cities and neighbourhoods well in order to put pressure on City Hall to demand the city they want.