Festival Walk

Crowning Glories: The modernist marvels of Coronation Park

Walk Leader: Paula Simons

About This Walk

Coronation Park in west central Edmonton is home to some of the city's finest examples of modernist architecture, from the Hemingway Pool to the Queen Elizabeth Planetarium to the Telus World of Science to Ross Sheppard Composite High School. Paula Simons is a Shep grad and a current Westmount resident. Join her on a tour of this sometimes-underappreciated park, for a discussion of roles of public buildings and public spaces in the heart of the city.  

Walk Stops

  1. Ross Sheppard Composite High School

    We'll meet on the front steps of Ross Sheppard High School, at 13546 111 Ave, Edmonton, AB T5M 2P2. (Near the totem pole.)

About The Walk Team

  • Walk Leader

    Walk Leader
    Paula Simons

    Journalist Paula Simons is the City Columnist at the Edmonton Journal and co-author of Alberta: 100 Year A Home. Last year, she led a Jane's Walk of Valleyview.


Past Walk Dates: May 3, 2014


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