Lower Lonsdale and Spirit Trail

///Lower Lonsdale and Spirit Trail
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May 2015

Walk Leaders: Mayor Darrell Mussato and Councillor Linda Buchanan

Mayor Mussato’s tour started at the City of North Vancouver’s historic Waterfront at The Shipyards.  Joined by Councillor Linda Buchanan and a group of keen citizens, they gathered at one of the City’s most vibrant zones, The Shipyards, a beloved public space at the foot of Lonsdale Avenue. FlowFEST, a movement, dance and yoga event was in full swing, filling the area with yoga mats, circus performers, jugglers, and DJs. Some hula-hooping and flow yoga helped get our walkers warmed up for their tour. From The Shipyards they followed the newly completed section of the City’s 6.5km Spirit Trail, taking in the unique design features of the Low Level Road.  The Spirit Trail is an all ages, all ability scenic path and transportation route that is the pride of City residents.

The Low Level Road, a recently completed venture between several agencies and the City, was designed to enhance rail and port operations and address long-standing community safety and traffic congestion in the area. After examining the extensive and landscaped LLR retaining walls, our walkers crossed a mini suspension bridge straddling a ravine and arrived in the shady, wooded enclave of Moodyville Park, a City gem. Public art, ‘Site Memories: Murmuring Crows’, follows the Spirit Trail with images and text sandblasted into boulders. The art shares crow mythology and led our walkers through the park to the top of an escarpment. Another engineering feat was viewed, the 3rd Street Overpass, a pedestrian and cycling bridge. The overpass provides safe access to trails and bike paths, providing a sustainable transportation route.

Heading west, the tour meandered the back streets of the City, following the artistic black and white swirl markers along the Spirit Trail, diverting a little to Londsale Avenue. Shops, services and entertainment places fill this area of the City and Mayor Mussato shared exciting plans for the area’s future.  Linking back to the Spirit Trail, the tour headed to Waterfront Park and took in the various art pieces in the area; The Gateway to Ancient Wisdom at the start of the Spirit Trail at City’s boundary with the Squamish Nation, Welcome Figures at the start of the Trans Canada Trail, Harubang, a sculpture from Korea and Cathedral, a sculpture depicting the North Shore mountains. The tour finished where it began, at The Shipyards, with some more hula-hooping by Mayor Mussatto, who’s hula skills are impressive.