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May 2013

Walk Leader: Elisa Coates and Rebecca Johnson
Text by: Rebecca Johnson
Photographs by: Amy Siciliano

I’m moving to a new area of the City of Thunder Bay, and what do I really know about the streets, the buildings, the people? What better way to get to know them than to organize a Jane’s Walk? So Elise and I got together and made a plan. Elise is also new to the area, and to Thunder Bay.

We learned that Lakehead University is a huge entity and provides significant economic benefits to our community. There are hundreds of apartments for students who come from all over Canada, and around the world, to get their post-secondary education. They take up a large area to the east of the University. We had the chance to enter one of the apartments. Hard to believe how many students share one space – up to six in one apartment. Good way to learn teamwork.

Then we found out how popular the university radio station (102.7 FM) is. Had no idea what an area they cover and the program content they provide to the whole community. Some of us were able to participate in a talk show while we were touring their building. When I say building, that’s what I mean: the radio office is in an old house which they have renovated. So cool!

Walking through the University grounds, we saw how large the campus really is. Lots of places to walk and share stories. The signage is excellent, and you can find your way around Was the learning worthwhile, was the walk worthwhile, was meeting many new friends of the Academy area of Thunder Bay worthwhile? Definitely!

Now if we could only get the students to be quiet on Friday and Saturday nights, when they party and we try to sleep.