Davenport Perth’s Chalk Walk

///Davenport Perth’s Chalk Walk
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May 2013

Led by: Mike, Sandi, Anthony, Flori, Michael & Victoria
Text: Nico Koenig
Photos: Nico Koenig

Mike and Sandi, volunteers at drop-in programs in Toronto’s Davenport-Perth neighbourhood, were trying to figure out what to talk about on their first Jane’s Walk. They took me with them on a practice walk to plan the route, and we noticed that we kept walking past storefronts that were empty. Someone asked Mike and Sandi what kinds of businesses they would like to see in these storefronts, if they could have anything. “A nice family restaurant, where I could meet friends,” Sandi suggested, as an example. “Can we help make that happen somehow?” I asked.

What we decided was to create the first-ever Davenport-Perth Chalk Walk. During our walk, everyone was handed chalk with which to draw what they wanted to see along the streets and in the shops. “A bank! Affordable housing! Good food!” After an hour of walking and chalking, the sidewalks and corner parking lots were filled with community members’ visions, dreams, and wishes for their neighbourhood.