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May 2014

Walk Leaders: Jasmine Frolick,  Robyn Visheau, Trevor Wood, Titus Androgynous and Flare

Text by: Jasmine Frolick

Photographs by: Aidan Loweth

The three drags kings were uncertain about leading a Jane’s Walk. “What will we talk about? Who will listen to us? Why will they show up?” they asked.  They agreed to speak on the walk, but insisted that Robyn and I be the leaders.

“The drag king community,” said Robyn to the over 75 people who showed up, “welcomed me with open arms when I came out last year. Jane’s Walk is my opportunity to show them the love they showed me!”

Trevor Wood, Titus Androgynous, and Flare – despite their initial reservations about leading the walk – then took over and showed us how gender is a performance. “You can be a cis-woman, that is, a woman who identifies with the female gender she was assigned at birth,” said Titus, “and still go in drag as a woman. It’s about exaggerating and performing a gender.”

The three drag kings who led the Jane’s Walk are women, who live their daily lives as women, but enjoy performing as men. The group laughed uproariously as Flare switched between a real life Romeo and an effeminate gay man with the switch of a hat. The group delighted over the drag king trading cards that Titus handed out to honor the historical drag kings. And they applauded wildly when Trevor Wood put on a show-stopping performance in Zippers-Cellblock, a venue where the kings perform almost every Wednesday night.

“Watching a drag king show with my parents has been the highlight of my weekend,” said one teenager. A trio of three elder ladies agreed that this walk had opened their eyes to a new understanding of the meaning of masculinity and femininity.  The drag kings continued chatting, delighted to find that the strange evening walk that they had been asked to lead had been transformative not only for strangers’ understandings of gender but also for themselves. Jane’s Walk is a platform that provides a safe space to learn, ask questions, and do things that are out of the ordinary!