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May 2015

Walk Leader: Jonathan Silver
Text by: Sienna A. Faustino, Kieran Murphy-White, Kaya Gombu, Sanaa Kohlman Sawa, Lilly Chakra, Jasmin, Clara Oliver, Keats Tannis, grade 3-4 students at the da Vinci Public School in downtown Toronto.

Sienna, grade 4:

Did you know that green walls air-condition your home? When da Vinci Oak Class went on a Jane’s Walk on May 1st 2015 they got to see rooftop gardens in downtown Toronto at the University of Toronto.

There are hundreds of Jane’s Walks all over the globe. Our walk showed that when we take away green space in order to build a condo you can still have a nice and green environment by planting gardens on the tops of roofs and growing vines on the outside walls.

Jonathan Silver our tour guide walked us through many different places in the university with the green walls, roof top gardens and even indoor forests! When we entered the indoor garden there were dirt paths leading to a platform where you can look up and watch the clouds or the rain.

If you get a chance to see a Jane’s walk, do it! It is an unforgettable experience. And make sure you go on the U of T green walls walk.

Kieran, Grade 4:

Did you know that because of all the pollution in the world, some places in Toronto have something called a green wall? On May 1st da Vinci’s Oak Class went on a Jane’s Walk to see some very eco-friendly places! A Jane’s walk is when a group of people (like Oak Class) get together and wait to be escorted into several buildings that are very eco-friendly. The idea of a Jane’s walk was thought up by a community who had a very powerful woman named Jane Jacobs. She made sure that the Spadina Expressway that was going to be built was not. If it were built, I would not be a student at this school. 

Oak Class visited three different buildings with very peaceful green walls, green roofs and green forests inside other buildings. They heard rushing water watering one of the green walls in a building, put there to calm the stressed students. They learned a lot of facts from their trusty leader, Jonathan Silver. There were many varieties of different plants in one of the green walls they visited.

Kaya, Grade 3:

On May 1st, 2015 Oak Class from da Vinci went on a Jane’s walk guided by Jonathan Silver. Jane Jacobs was a person who stopped the Spadina Expressway in Toronto so that it wouldn’t ruin neighbourhoods. The first stop was a green roof. Students found it interesting that so many plants could grow in the city. Next Oak Class visited a building that was almost entirely covered in vines. They also visited a building with an indoor forest. Next they visited the exam centre. It had a green wall. The green wall had lots of leaves and it felt cool.


Sanaa, Grade 4:

Did you know that in the University of Toronto there is a beautiful green wall with a waterfall in the back?

It makes a wonderful trickling sound that does not just sound beautiful: it also helps the students at U of T. When they are going to have a big test and they can’t concentrate, after they take in a few minutes at the green wall, they are calm and focused.

On May 1, 2015 Oak Class from da Vinci Public School went on a Jane’s walk led by Jonathan Silver. They learned a lot about green walls and roof top gardens. And don’t forget about the vines that wrap around buildings. They make it look a lot more happy and green.


Lilly, Grade 3:

Did you know that green walls grow inside? On May 1st Oak Class headed to the UofT exam centre and learned this during a Jane’s Walk led by Jonathan Silver. They heard the sound of flowing water and saw bright green plants to calm the stressed out students. There are other green walls outside on buildings. The green walls keep the buildings cool and benefit it in many ways.


Jasmin, Grade 3:

The leaves on the green walls were soft and the water was quiet. The bees were buzzing. The vines were green with pretty leaves. The flowers smelled like roses. Oak Class went to the U of T campus with the tour leader, Jonathan Silver. Inside was the green wall. When people are stressed, the water calms them down. Oak Class also went to the rooftop garden where they saw plants on top. Oak Class also visited an indoor forest.


Clara, Grade 3

Did you know that in the University of Toronto exam center they have a green wall with water running down the back? This running water calms the stressed students. Oak Class learned this on Friday May 1st, 2015 when they went on a Jane’s walk to the U of T campus led by Jonathan Silver. A Jane’s walk represents Jane Jacobs. She helped stop the Spadina expressway in Toronto. So now by doing the Jane’s Walks we let everyone know that she was a special person.

Keats, Grade 3

You may think there is no way we can clear the pollution in Toronto. But on Friday May 1st da Vinci’s Oak Class found a cure.

They went to the University of Toronto as part of the Jane’s Walk and they saw some amazing things. There were vines hanging on sides of the walls, a lot of the plants in a building that cleaned the air, plants grown on roofs called “sedum” and a lot of bamboo. Well, you can see that was a fun trip with a lot of walking but Oak Class learned a lot.