Jane's Walk School Edition Explore Your Neighbourhood

What's going on in the Jane's Walk School Edition? A peep in the second classroom session.

Samridhi Kundra, April 12, 2015

During the second School Edition session, we asked students to wear a critical lens, get outside their classroom and lead us around their neighborhood. Students were excited to be out in the classroom and were happy to be reintroduced to their neighborhood in a more structured way. Conversations swayed from the intersections outside RH King to the graffiti near Central Technical and the TTC yards close to Riverdale. Students used their personal stories to discuss how important sites, such as the Scarborough Bluffs were changing and what they thought of the housing structures around their school. It was most interesting to get a glimpse of how students perceive their environments and what stories they had to offer. We're in constant interaction with our neighborhoods. Sometimes we forget to take a moment to look outside and take in the quirks of our neighborhood. The lessons served as an important reminder of how much there is to see if you pay a little more attention to our surroundings. 

Central Tech Squirrel.jpg

Central Tech Alley.jpg

Outside Riverdale.jpg

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