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May 2014

Walk leader: Jaspal Marwah, Vancouver Public Space Network
Text by Jaspal Marwah
Photographs by: Jaspal Marwah

As longtime supporters of Jane’s Walks and advocates for public space, the Vancouver Public Space Network (VPSN) tried something a little different for one of our Jane’s Walks this year. Working in partnership with local author Nicole Boyce, we developed a very short fictional story that took place in a Vancouver neighborhood.

We then posted the entire story (each chapter was only a paragraph long) in public spaces around the neighborhood that was written about in this piece of fiction. Our Jane’s Walk consisted of participants wandering through the neighborhood in search of each chapter, “walking through” the story as they read it. Literally, choosing their own adventure!

It was a rainy weekend in Vancouver, but close to 40 people experienced our Jane’s Walk and had a great time exploring the intersection of fiction and a real life walk through the neighborhood. Many people remarked what a great way it was to rediscover a part of their city. It was so well received that we’re going to create more of these fiction-based walking tours to keep exploring our neighborhoods.