Kildonan Drive South

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May 2013

Walk Leader: Jim Smith
Text by: Donna Cudmore
Photographs by: Donna Cudmore

Kildonan Drive South is a quiet, beautifully treed street that meanders along the Red River up to Fraser’s Grove Park. It continues north of the park to the Bergen Cut-off Swing Bridge, which was built in 1913. The area was settled in the late 1800s, and some homes date from the early 1900s. Prominent settlers and majestic homes were discussed at this delightful walk. It was a beautiful crisp spring day, with bright warming sunshine.

Our tour guide was Jim Smith, the historical society’s historian and archivist, who is a wealth of knowledge. Jim’s ability to answer any question on the fly was tested, as the curious walkers asked, and offered information about, the area’s prominent founding residents.

Politicians, builders, contractors, businessmen and an internationally acclaimed philatelist have all lived along the Drive throughout the years. Fraser’s Grove Park, with its 19.6 acres of parkland, has been an ideal spot for picnics in the summer and toboggan slides in the winter since the banks of the mighty Red was first settled.