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Bochum is a city right in the middle of the so called Ruhr area. The industrial history of the region, like coal mining and steel production, had and has a big impact on it´s people and their lifestyles. For centuries people from many different parts of the world have been migrating to the Ruhr area and on the same time have been influencing the culture of the region.
All the cities within the Ruhr area like Essen, Dortmund, Duisburg, Gelsenkirchen and so on have a strong relation to each other. Sometimes the relations are characterized by rivalry, for example when it comes to football games between BVB and Schalke. Most of the time the common industrial past brings the cities together though and strengthen their understanding of togetherness.
Bochum is a large city with the character of small town. You can walk through the city centre and still meet a lot of familiar faces. Bochum is full of a variety of cultural life with many different event that take place every week. Many young people from all over the world come to Bochum to study there, mostly at the Ruhr-Universität which is the 5th largest university in Bochum. Because of the large number of universities based in Bochum it is also called the "univercity".
Very well know is also the theatre "Schauspielhaus". On the unique movable stage you can see classical as well as modern plays with well known actors and actresses. Any student in Bochum pay with their tuition fee also for the theatre so they can watch any play for the symbolic price of 1 Euro.
Bochum might not be the most famous German city but it is the perfect place for Jane´s Walks because of the colouful past, the mix of young and older local and foreign people.
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