Delhi walking with Jane-5,6,7th of May 2017

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The modern city of Delhi is the second largest urban area in the world and is a juxtaposition of history and modernity. The landscape is dotted with ruins from the past with concrete and asphalt roads meandering around them. The volume and density of historic remains in Delhi is so much that, for someone in Delhi, seeing a blue tiled dome of the 17th century tomb springing up in front of your car on your way to work is an everyday sight- business as usual. It can not be any other, when even the President’s house itself is a heritage monument majestically surveying the colonial design of Lutyen’s Delhi .The identity of modern day Delhi is just not that of a city of monuments sleepwalking through history; it is also the seat of power and a land of opportunities, attracting immigrants and a huge floating population from the neighboring states.It is also the seat of institutions of art and culture, abundant with malls and discotheques of the post globalised era. Delhi has something to offer everyone- the foodie can walk over for a food walk in the Chandni chowk for a gastronomic treat, while the poet can lie down on the lush green gardens at Lodhi garden and gush at the transcendent beauty of life.For a hip and happening night, one can hop over to Hauz Khaz village which has options from designer clothes, to pubs to slam poetry while the artsy and intelligent can haunt the corridors of IIC,IHC for a film festival or a talk by the expert in town. If the music lover can find a delightful jaunt in Nehru Park , the thrift shoppers can throng the markets of SN and Lajpat while history buffs can get lost in one of the baolis. It is no surprise that people who come to Delhi fall in love with it.
This is an open call for all lovers of Delhi to come together to speak about what is close to your heart most about the city!Be it your love for the wide girthed trees, the numerous open spaces to practice sports, the democratizing metro or the monuments .Or if you rather choose to lament about the declining air quality or the disappearing pedestrians or the safety of women or the intimidating traffic, do come and share with others!
Let us walk and build a community camaraderie by taking part in Jane’s walks which will be happening in Delhi for the first time on 5th,6th and 7th of May.
If you would like to lead a walk/volunteer to assist a walk leader for one, please contact me on email or leave a message on the FB-
See you there walking!

Jane’s walks are Citizen-led walking tours towards community-based city building

Jane Jacobs (1916-2006) was an urbanist and activist whose writings championed a fresh, community-based approach to city building. Read more about her here.

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