Lead a Walk!

Jane’s Walks are walking conversations about neighbourhoods, and how people use cities. Anyone can lead a walk because everyone is an expert on the places they live, work and play.

How it works: 

  1. Think of a place you'd like to tour. It can be anywhere: the street you live on, a place you like to hang out, a secret garden that not many people know about.  
  2. Go for a walk there and observe the people and things around you. Take a friend. Take notes. 
  3. As you walk, think about a few places along the route that would make good places to stop. What is interesting there and what could offer a good start point for discussion with your neighbours? 
  4. Once you have your walk idea, go online and Create an Account on janeswalk.org.  
  5. If your city isn't listed, you can Add Your City. If your city is listed, reach out to your local organizer to say hello (their contact info is listed on your city's local page which you can find in the City Directory). Organizers are volunteers just like you who decide they want to help people list and promote community tours locally. Some organizers have just started, and others have been around since the Jane's Walk project began in 2007.  
  6. Use our Create a Walk application to bring your tour to life: add a title, route details, photos and accessibility notes.  
  7. Use our Promotion Tools and Templates to spread the word in person, on Facebook, on Twitter and to the press! 
  8. There is no registration necessary for a Jane's Walk. People simply show up at the time and location you choose. 
  9. On the week before your tour, be sure to review our Walk Guide Tips.
  10. Ask a friend to co-lead your walk, or help with taking photos during your walk. You can even post a story to the Official Jane's Walk Blog.

Congrats! Now you're one of thousands of people across 6 continents who are helping to make their cities stronger, more connected places. Think of someone else who should know about the project? Invite them to lead a walk!