From Murmur to Movement

Murmur City – 1 walk

A Murmur City is a city where Jane’s Walk is just beginning to make some noise. A Murmur City generally prepares one walk for the festival weekend. A successful Murmur City starts a walking conversation which will, after the festival weekend, keep people talking, walking, and thinking about the future of their neighbourhood, town or city.


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Buzz City – 2-5 walks

A Buzz City organizes between 2 and 5 walks, and has a presence on the festival weekend within their city. Once Buzz City Organizers prepare one walk, they have the resources and volunteers in place to confidently curate a couple more walks for the festival weekend. Buzz Cities are creating a buzz around town as they grow from one walk to many,  spreading to more neighbourhoods and growing the conversation.


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Dialogue City – 6-15 walks

A Dialogue City has an established presence on the festival weekend. With six to fifteen walks organized for the festival weekend, neighbours, media, and coworkers can’t help but talk about Jane’s Walk. Dialogue City Organizers understand the value of collaborations, great volunteers, excellent organizational teams, and media and social media connections. A Dialogue City gets people around town excitedly talking about Jane’s Walk even before the festival weekend kicks off.


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Chorus City – 16-70 walks

A Chorus City has everyone around town talking up the Jane’s Walk festival. At 16 to 70 walks prepared, everyone is excitedly anticipating and preparing for the festival weekend well in advance. A Chorus City Organizer has connections all over town and unifies them in order to orchestrate a hugely successful festival weekend.


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Movement City – more than 70 walks

A Movement City organizes a “something big” Jane’s Walk festival weekend with a large group of people behind it working together to host 70+ walking conversations! A Movement City Organizer brings a group of people together to work collaboratively in order to create the piece of music that is an entire city talking and walking on the Jane’s Walk festival weekend.


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Note: How did we come up with this? We interviewed the 2013 City Organizers (COs) after the festival weekend and we noticed some trends: the total number of walks organized per city was connected to the way the COs planned and organized the festival. For example, we found that if a CO and their team had the capacity to organize 16 walks, they also had the capacity to do 70 walks!