FAQ for Walk Leaders

Most questions related to leading a Jane’s Walk are best answered by your City Organizer. If you don't see your question answered below, email your City Organizer. You can find their contact information by clicking on your city in the Active Cities Directory



Do I need approval to lead a Jane’s Walk?

Jane’s Walks are mostly self-organized. A Walk Leader can create an account, log in, and create walks without needing approval from the project office or City Organizer. It's a good idea, though, to contact your City Organizer and let them know about your walk. They can help you get the word out about your walk and provide other kinds of support.


I want to lead a walk, but I don't see my city listed on the Active Cities Directory.

If your city isn't listed, it's because there is no City Organizer there yet. Consider becoming the City Organizer yourself or nominating someone you know for the role. If you just want to lead a walk, you can email the project office to set up a City Page for you at info@janeswalk.org.


How do I create a walk listing?

If you don’t have one already, create a janeswalk.org user account. Once you’re logged in, use the Create a Walk application to bring your Jane’s Walk to life. Name your walk, describe the topic, and add route details, photos and accessibility notes.

I’m not sure what to write on my walk page. Where can I find examples of walks that others are planning?

The Toronto city page has over two hundred walks posted each year, so that's a good place to start looking for some inspiration! Use the date filters to view previous walks.

Can I edit my walk after I post it?

Yes. You can edit your walk at any time. To view your walk, log in and click your name at the bottom right to access your dashboard. Click “My Walks” to see all drafts and published walks. Click on a walk to edit it. Keep in mind that changing key details like starting point, date, and time can be confusing for people who want to go on your walk, particularly at the last minute.

I want to lead my walk again. How to I relist it without creating a whole new walk listing?

To relist a walk, log into your account and follow these steps.

How do people sign up for Jane’s Walks? How can I tell in advance how many will show up?

There is no registration for Jane's Walks. We want people to feel that they can show up for any walk, even on the spur of the moment, and feel welcome. We encourage Walk Leaders to be flexible and open to spontaneity -- be prepared for a small group or a large one.

If you're concerned about crowd size, we recommend creating a Facebook event, Eventbrite page, or some other event page to help you get a sense of attendee numbers. Please make it clear that people are welcome to join even if they haven't registered.


How do I cancel my walk?

If you absolutely must cancel your walk, first alert your City Organizer as soon as possible so that they can get the word out. Then, visit your walk page and edit the title so that it notified people that the walk is cancelled. 

We also strongly encourage you to post a sign or have someone be at the first stop at the start time to let people know in case they still show up. 

I’m with a nonprofit/charity that is organizing a Jane’s Walk. Is it OK to ask for donations on our walk?

No. The solicitation of donations on a Jane's Walk contravenes the Jane's Walk Principles.

Walk Leaders cannot collect donations on Jane's Walks because it would represent a potential financial barrier to participation. Walk Leaders should make sure that the focus stays on community conversations. You are welcome to talk about your charitable group or nonprofit and showcase the work you. Many Walk Leaders who lead walks as part of their work for a nonprofit or charity have found that the exposure and publicity they get from participating in Jane's Walk is a powerful, if indirect, way to bolster their fundraising efforts.

My business would like to organize a Jane’s Walk to promote our brand. Can we do that?

No. The promotion, sale, or sampling of goods, services, and brands on a Jane's Walk contravenes the Jane's Walk Principles. However, we encourage business owners and employees to get involved as City Organizers, Walk Leaders, and participants.

Businesses may also sponsor their local festival with cash or in-kind donations. It’s a great way to raise your company's profile in your city and earn the goodwill of your community. Sponsorship arrangements are at the discretion of City Organizers, who may choose to name and thank sponsors on the festival’s promotional materials, on their City Page, and at festival events such as launch parties or lectures. Sponsors may not be named and thanked during the walks themselves.