First Steps Outreach Guides

Jane's Walk tour of artists' studios led by Joaquín Fayos, in Cordoba, Spain. Photo by Magdalena Sánchez Mora

If you're a Jane's Walk City Organizer who's interested in seeing your festival explore new topics, places and communities, you've come to the right place!

We designed these guides especially for organizers whose festivals so far have focused on one topic or geographical area, and who want to branch out, but aren't sure how to get started.

Want to venture out of the downtown core, but not sure where to go once the sidewalks end? Love the idea of an art walk, but know nothing about art? These guides are for you!


First Steps to Leading an Art Walk

Find out how to get in touch with your local arts community—or lead an art walk yourself!


First Steps to Walking with Refugees

Learn how to get in touch with support workers and refugee community leaders, and how to work with them to offer Jane's Walk as a platform for refugee voices.


First Steps to Walking in the Suburbs

Get out of the downtown core, and take a walk in "car country"! Find out what the people who live there like about it, and what they'd like to change.


Production of these guides was generously supported by the Knight Foundation.