Documenting Jane’s Walks

A Jane’s Walk is a hyper-local event, exploring a neighbourhood with a small group of friends and neighbours. But if you record what happens on your walk, you can share it with others in your city, and with people in other cities around the world.

On this page, you’ll find guides to help observe, document, and share your city’s amazing walks in a whole range of different ways.

Like footprints preserved in concrete, these will act as a permanent record of your walk!

There are lots of ways your walk can leave footprints. You can make a podcast, shoot a video, or write a compelling story. Gather information on a walk about how your neighbourhood is changing, or how pedestrian-friendly it is. These guides will make it easy for you!

Just a few possible uses for Walk Footprints:

Who are these guides for?

If you’re a Jane’s Walk City Organizer or Walk Leader, you can share these guides with your volunteers and let them know how to submit their reports (via e-mail, Dropbox, etc). If you’re a volunteer who loves writing, sketching, taking photos, etc., talk to your walk leader or City Organizer and find out what kind of reports would be most useful to them. And of course you can also create your own blogposts, photo galleries, etc., to share with your friends and the world!

Basic Walk Survey

A quick set of questions to track numbers. If you’re a Jane’s Walk organizer, you’ll find it useful to get volunteers to fill this out for as many of your walks as possible.

Report Writing Guides

Tell a vivid story about the walk, or collect information that will shed light on some aspect of the neighbourhood.

Be a Jane’s Walk Journalist! We asked experienced journalists for tips on how to ask questions, listen, and observe. Follow this guide to write a report that will make people feel like they were there, walking with you!

Neighbourhood Change: Get a sense of how the neighbourhood is changing, by gathering facts and by asking people here what they think is going on.

Sketchnoting: If you love to draw, this is the mission for you! Create a visual record of what happened on the walk.

Multimedia Guides

Tons of detailed advice to help you capture great photos, audio and video, from professionals who have volunteered and worked with the Jane’s Walk Project Office.

Audio Recording and Interviewing Guide: How to record sound like a radio pro!

Photography Guide: For the pedestrian paparazzi!

Video Guide: Lights, camera, walking!