Archive of 2014 Poster and Postcard Templates

These poster and postcard templates were designed for our 2014 festival. If you like them, you can still use them -- just remember to change the dates to those of this year's festival. 

Like them? Our campaign was designed by Studio Jaywall.

For designers (Adobe InDesign files in *.idml format)

Use these files to customize photos or text for your city!

2014 Letter-Sized Posters, Portrait, 8.5 x 11 inches (8 versions, *.idml)

2014 Tabloid-Sized Posters, Portrait, 11 x 17 inches (8 versions, *.idml)

2014 Postcards, Landscape, 4 x 6 inches (3 versions, *.idml)

Important: Please download the Alternate Gothic font and install before opening your *.idml file.

For everyone! (*.jpg formats)

Just print and fill in the blanks with marker.

2014 Poster: Park (*.jpg)

2014 Poster: Garden (*.jpg)

2014 Poster: Historic Building (*.jpg)

2014 Poster: Street (*.jpg)

2014 Poster: Railroad Tracks (*.jpg)

Customizable poster!

2014 Custom Poster Template: Park (*.pdf)

2014 Custom Poster Template: Historic Building (*.pdf)

2014 Custom Poster Template: Railroad Tracks (*.pdf)

Postcards (*.pdf and *.jpg formats)

If downloading in *.jpg, download front and back separately. *.pdf versions are combined.

2014 Postcard: Chase Ghosts (*.jpg) (*.pdf)

2014 Postcard: Idea Garden (*.jpg) (*.pdf)

2014 Postcard: Buried River (*.jpg) (*.pdf)

2014 Postcard: Back for JPEG (*.jpg)