Archive of 2015 Poster and Postcard Templates

These poster and postcard templates were designed for our 2015 festival. If you like them, you can still use them -- just remember to change the dates to those of this year's festival. 

This campaign was designed by CoEffect Creative and the StudioLab class at George Brown College School of Design

For designers (Adobe InDesign file in *.idml format)

You can customize this file with photos or text for your city!

Important: Please download the fonts and install before opening your *.idml file.

For Word users

Here's a Word document with a black-and-white banner using design elements of the 2015 poster. You can use this to create your own handbills, flyers, etc., and print them out on a desktop printer. (*.docx)

Here's the same document in colour, for colour desktop printer (*.docx) 

For everyone! 

Just print and fill in the blanks with marker. (*.jpg) (*.pdf)

Want to include details for 4 walks? Here's a PDF poster that has space for that. (*.pdf)

For Toronto!

2015 Poster (*.pdf)

Black-and-white Word template (*.docx)

Colour Word template (*docx)

Button Templates (*.pdf)

If you have a button press and would like to make 1" pin buttons for your festival, simply print these button sheets out! (*.pdf)