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Resources | Jane's Walk


Information, tools, and tips for Walk Leaders and City Organizers.


Resources for City Organizers

Jane's Walk Principles: A guiding framework for City Organizers

Murmur-to-Movement Guides: Step-by-step guides to organizing Jane's Walks in your city at any scale, from 1 walk to 100

Footprints Guides: Walk Documentation Guides to help you observe, document, and share your city's Jane's Walks

First Steps Guides: First Steps Outreach Guides to help you expand your festival to new topics, ideas, communities, and geographies

Logos, posters, and design assets: Customizeable design assets and photographs you can use to promote Jane's Walks in your city

Informational resources: Customizeable presentations and templates to help you teach people about Jane's Walk

FAQ: Common questions about being a City Organizer, answered!

Resources for Walk Leaders

Leading a Jane's Walk: 6 simple steps to leading a Jane's Walk

Tips for Walk Leaders: Advice and best practices for leading walks

FAQ: Common questions about leading a Jane's Walk, answered!

Resources About Jane Jacobs

Quick guide to the written works of Jane Jacobs

Jane Jacobs: Ten Big Ideas