Press Releases 

Press releases are a great way to get the word out to journalists, community leaders, and local organizations. You can use press releases to promote the festival itself, info sessions, or individual walks. Below are a few examples that you can use to develop your own press releases.


Example #1: Toronto, April 2016

Email subject: Toronto's 10th Annual Jane's Walk Festival May 6-8


The 10th Annual Jane's Walk Festival is coming up on May 6th, 7th, and 8th. Over 220 free, citizen-led walking tours are happening all across the GTA and we think your audience at [newspaper or organization] would be interested in the story.

The press release with a list of some highlighted walks is attached.


Media contact:
Alia Scanlon,
Toronto Programming & Events Coordinator
Jane’s Walk

Toronto Takes to the Streets in a Show of Love for the City
10th Annual Jane’s Walk Festival takes place on May 6th, 7th, & 8th

[For immediate release: April 28th, 2016] Next weekend, May 6th, 7th, and 8th, thousands of Torontonians will walk the city they love during the 10th Annual Jane’s Walk Festival of free, citizen-led walking tours. The project, which started in Toronto, puts people face to face in spontaneous conversations about where their communities are headed-- locally and around the world in nearly 200 cities across 6 continents.

The annual festival is in memory of the late Toronto activist and urbanist Jane Jacobs who famously wrote that “Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody.”

10 years after her passing, and on the 100th Anniversary of her birth, Toronto residents continue to participate in this neighbourhood storytelling tradition that opens eyes, hearts, and minds.

Says Executive Director, Denise Pinto, “This year’s festival is a snapshot of the issues that Torontonians care about-- and it goes way beyond our streets and buildings. People are hosting tours to talk about a whole range of experiences and questions about the city: from the refugee experience to homelessness, affordable internet to payday money lenders. Jane would have been proud that people are in dialogue about the issues that matter to them, and that this project encourages us all to think for ourselves and advocate for diverse civic needs.“

A tour of the ‘Under Gardiner’ project will open a conversation about aging infrastructure and its potential to be transformed. A tour starting at City Hall will explore safety in public space for Muslim women. An Etobicoke tour will be the first of its kind: led by a deaf activist. Many more tours are slated for 37 wards, looking at Toronto through the eyes of people who live in each neighbourhood.

Says Toronto Programming & Events Coordinator, Alia Scanlon, “The best thing about Jane’s Walk is that it makes a strong case for taking your city into your own hands. Everyone has a story, an opinion, a question, or a dream about where they live, work, and play. Every Jane’s Walk is a catalyst for taking those things and doing something about it.”

There is no registration, and all walks are free. The public is encouraged to visit for full schedule and details.

About Jane’s Walk:
Jane’s Walk is a grassroots organization honoring the legacy of community builder Jane Jacobs through citizen-led walking tours that encourage participants to observe, reflect, share, question, and collectively reimagine the places in which they live, work and play. 2016 is the 100th anniversary of the birth of community-builder Jane Jacobs and the 10th anniversary of Jane’s Walk. Jane’s Walk is a project of Tides Canada Initiatives.

Jane’s Walk Toronto on Social Media:

HASHTAG: #loveTOwalk, #janeswalk
FACEBOOK: Jane’s Walk Toronto
PHOTOS: Of last year’s Jane’s Walk are available for use (with attribution where indicated) here.



Example #2: Regina, February 2017

Subject line: Media Release - Jane's Walk Regina Info Session, March 12, 2017 [Please circulate]

Learn how you can lead a walk and share your story in this year's annual Jane's Walk Festival

(Regina, SK – February 15, 2017)

From Friday May 5th - Sunday May 7th 2017, Regina will be hosting its ninth annual Jane’s Walk festival. Organizers are looking for citizen tour guides to explore the city on foot and share their perspective of our city.

Have you ever thought about leading a Jane's Walk but didn't know where to start? Maybe you've got questions about what makes a good walk or you just want a little inspiration by hearing about walks that have taken place in Regina and around the world.

If you're interested in participating in this global festival or just want to learn more, join Jane's Walk Regina and our sponsoring partner, the Regina Public Library, to learn about Jane's Walk and how you can lead a walk in our city.

Date: Sunday March 12, 2017
Time: 2:00 - 3:30pm
Location: Regina Public Library Central Branch

Every perspective is important to building vibrant and healthy cities – share a story or help shape one.


Contact Us!

For questions about Regina’s festival, contact Laura Pfeifer, Regina Jane’s Walk Organizer at [email].

About Jane’s Walk

Jane’s Walk cultivates a broad understanding of how cities develop, function, and thrive. It works to advance walkable neighborhoods, increase urban literacy, and promote neighborhood cohesion, civic engagement and leadership.

For more information about Jane's Walk, visit


Example #3: Buffalo, NY, April, 2014

How well do you know Buffalo? Is there a part of the city that you would like to share with others? Maybe you have a favorite commercial district? Or you know where the hidden treasures are. Have you ever thought about sharing your knowledge of the city with others? If you’ve been waiting for someone to ask you to be part of a special occasion, this cold be your chance to take part in something very special.

Each year, more than 100 cities worldwide celebrate the legacy of urban activist Jane Jacobs through a free, not-for-profit event called Jane’s Walk. A Jane’s Walk is different from the typical cultural tour: it’s a walking conversation, led by a local resident, about the joys and challenges of living or working in an urban environment.

On Friday through Sunday, May 2nd through 4th, a small group of Jane’s Walks will be held in Buffalo for the first time.

Anyone – including you – can lead a Jane’s Walk, and you can plan one in just a few days.  All you’ll need is a theme, a meeting point, a route, and a time. The possible themes are limitless, including preservation, revitalization, public art, green spaces, urban farms, the lives of recent immigrants, and political or environmental issues that direct impact urban residents.

A typical walk might last an hour, give or take 15 minutes, with 6 to 10 stops along the way. Walks in Buffalo will be posted on the Jane’s Walk web site, and there are tools there to help you plan the route and invite people to participate. Walks should be planned and posted no later than April 20 so we can publicize the walks being offered.

Below are links with more information about Jane’s Walk. If you’d like to lead a walk, please contact me via email or cell phone and I’ll help you plan your walk and get it posted to the Jane’s Walk web site.

Share a story about living in Buffalo: Lead a Jane’s Walk on May 2, 3, or 4

You’ll find information on Jane’s Walk here, including a page with walks in Buffalo:

As the walk weekend approaches, you’ll also find updates on Facebook

And for more tips on planning a walk, check this out.




Example #4: Winnipeg, MB, March, 2014

Email subject line: Open Call for Walk Leaders: Jane's Walk 2014

May 3 & 4, 2014

Do you have an idea for a fun, informative, unusual way of looking at cities and neighbourhoods? Jane's Walk wants you to organize a walk in your community!

Jane’s Walk celebrates the ideas and legacy of urbanist Jane Jacobs by getting people out exploring their neighbourhoods and meeting their neighbours. Free walks held on the first weekend of May each year are led by locals who want to create a space for residents to talk about what matters to them in the places they live and work. 

Organizing a Jane's Walk is easy. It simply involves planning a route, thinking through the stories, places and people and ideas you want to hear and talk about, and promoting it around your neighbourhood.

For more information check out our Open Call for Walk Leaders and be sure to visit and "like" our Facebook Page. Questions and inqueries can be directed to Matt Carreau at [email].