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March 23, 2017

A Brush with History in the Glenbrook Ravine

By Dale Darychuck On May 2, 2015, I led a walk along the Glenbrook Ravine. A stream runs through the ravine, which is adjacent to the old B.C. Penitentiary, which closed down about 25 years ago. I had learned from a local senior that her father and uncle had had a very interesting experience in the Ravine back in 1905, when they were just 8 and 10 years old. At that time, the penitentiary housed Billy Miner, a train robber[...]

You can't opt out of geography

Daniel Rotsztain
February 16, 2017

City Organizers' Summit

Photograph by Margaux Yiu. On the weekend of November 5th, 2016, a group of Jane’s Walk City Organizers (COs) gathered in Toronto for a weekend of workshops, organizing tips, storytelling and, of course, walking! Funded by the Knight Foundation, the Project Office put together this first Global City Organizers’ Summit to help COs learn more about organizing walks, in preparation for this year’s global festival (May 5-7, 2017). A group of motivated and inspired people came from far and wide[...]

December 30, 2016

Big Changes at

by Alia

December 2, 2016

100 Years of Jane Jacobs

by Amilia

You can't opt out of geography

Daniel Rotsztain
April 20, 2016
by Arleigh
April 12, 2016

Croatia greeted Jane's Walk with a smile!

A Jane's Walk organizer in Zagreb reports on the city's terrific first festival, in 2015.

Photo: Mladen Sokel. Jane's Walkers reflected in a metal globe representing the planet Saturn, part of an art installation which scattered all the planets of the solar system around the city, referring to "The Sun," a modernistic sculpture by Ivan Kožarić in the centre of Zagreb. This installation was created by Davor Preis. At the beginning of the year 2013, the project "Trešnjevka mapping" (Trešnjevka is the name of the most commonly known workers’ district in Zagreb, and means "Cherry[...]

April 6, 2016

Walking in Panama City

by Arleigh

November 2, 2015

Talking about Walking

by Calgary Foundation -----

October 18, 2015

Jane's Walk, with a Viennese twist!

by Denise

You can't opt out of geography

Daniel Rotsztain
April 28, 2015

New festival in an ancient city

Rome, Italy's City Organizer talks about the plans for the weekend

Photo by Valentina Alberti Rome is one of the most ancient cities in the world, but it is continuously evolving and transforming. In May, it will have its first Jane’s Walk! Setting up the Roman edition of the festival has been quite difficult, since Jane Jacobs is not as famous in Europe as she is in North America. But when Valentina and I explained the project, most people welcomed the idea of organizing walks and involving others in their neighbourhood. The[...]

April 27, 2015

What stories can you tell?

by Sameer

April 24, 2015

Discovering Manila on foot

by Arndis

You can't opt out of geography

Daniel Rotsztain
April 17, 2015
by Zainab
April 14, 2015

Getting from "yeah" to "yes"

Some Jane's Walk organizers talk about strategies to help people get past the "thinking about maybe leading a walk" stage

Arts & Culture Jane's Walk, Akron, OH, May 2014. Photo: Phyllis Jividen.   With the Jane’s Walk global festival less than a month away, organizers around the world are working hard to get walk leaders to post their walks on the website. There is, as always, a lot of interest in leading walks, but turning that interest into a listed walk can take some effort. It’s an issue that comes up in all parts of life: How to turn interest into action?[...]

March 20, 2015

“You can't opt out of geography”

by Daniel

March 16, 2015

Stories from a Debut City

by Greg

You can't opt out of geography

Daniel Rotsztain
March 11, 2015
by Nadia
March 5, 2015

Where True Power Comes From in a Community

From Calgary, Alberta, Canada, a documentary about how people create their city

One remarkable element of Jane’s Walk is how it turns the microphone over to the everyday people who live, work, and play in a neighbourhood, so they can tell their own stories and offer their insider points of view. Our City, Our Soul: Five Neighbourhood Stories, a new documentary film from the Calgary Foundation and Calgary Economic Development, is rooted in that same sensibility. It follows five grassroots community projects as they unfold in Calgary in 2014, and it focuses[...]

January 26, 2015

Share a City Builder Soundwalk or Photowalk

by Claire

You can't opt out of geography

Daniel Rotsztain
September 9, 2014
by André
May 5, 2014

Vienna's first Jane's Walks

Austria's capital Vienna was one of the newcomers in this year's edition of the global Jane's Walk Festival.

In 2012, Jane's Walk Vienna City Organizer Andreas Lindinger spent a year in beautiful Vancouver, BC where he immediately realized on his first Jane's Walk in Vancouver's West End that he wanted to bring this great initiative to Vienna. Two years later, Austria's capital joined the global Jane's Walk movement for the first time and proved that its beautiful landscapes, diverse neighbourhoods and rich cultural heritage provide a perfect setting for interesting walks. With press reports on Austria's largest newssites[...]

April 30, 2014

Zapopan is on the map!

by Patricia

April 25, 2014

Inspirations for Your Walk

by Justin

You can't opt out of geography

Daniel Rotsztain
April 22, 2014
by Lauren
April 12, 2014

Calcutta, meet Charlotte: A city-to-city chat

Photo of a Jane's Walk in Calcutta, by Iftekhar Ahsan. This is the second in a series of blogposts in which Jane’s Walk organizers in different cities have a conversation about their hometowns via e-mail. Today, we’ve put Calcutta, India in touch with Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S.A., and asked them to share some thoughts about their respective cities, as they plan their festivals. The participants: Iftekhar Ahsan, a.k.a. Ifte, is a lover of Calcutta. He indulges in this love by showing people[...]

March 19, 2014

Hello from Tokyo, Japan!

by Doug

You can't opt out of geography

Daniel Rotsztain
March 7, 2014

Jane’s Walk: Stimulating Imagination and Creativity

“Walk and Be Moved.”

“Walk and Be Moved.” That’s the title of a paper recently published by Brian Knudsen and Terry Nichols Clark in the Urban Affairs Review. Subtitled “How Walking Builds Social Movements,” the study examined more than 30,000 zip codes across the United States. While articles about the study in the Atlantic Cities by Richard Florida and Grist by Susie Cagle have emphasized the link between walking and social movements such as Occupy Wall Street and Tahrir Square, I think the most interesting aspect of Knudsen and Clark’s work[...]

March 5, 2014

March 6 is UK World Book Day

by Nadia

February 26, 2014

Hello from Puebla, Mexico!

by Ari Fernando

February 18, 2014

Walking to School

by Nadia

You can't opt out of geography

Daniel Rotsztain
January 29, 2014
by Claire
January 24, 2014

Manhattan skyline drawn from memory

This is amazing. This UK-based artist draws cityscapes from memory.

This is amazing. This UK-based artist draws cityscapes from memory. The detail is[...]

You can't opt out of geography

Daniel Rotsztain