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May 10, 2017

A Cinema History Jane's Walk in Santos, Brazil

Once common, cinemas are vanishing from this Brazilian city's streetscape.

From the 1950s to 1980s, Santos was the city with the highest number of cinemas per capita in Brazil. The theme of our Jane’s Walk, on May 6, was to uncover the history of some now-closed movie theaters. We took a 2-hour walk, stopping in front of 11 old movie theaters in the Gonzaga neighborhood. Participants took turns telling stories of the golden age of these theaters. Near the end of the walk, we went into a movie theater[...]

March 2, 2017

Celebrating Jane's Centenary in Buenos Aires

Author: Carolina Huffmann I have been organizing Jane's Walks in Buenos Aires since 2012. Each year, we plan walks along different routes. The goal is to make Jane Jacobs's legacy known and present in Buenos Aires. Jacobs would have been 100 years old in 2016, and I wanted to mark the year of her centenary. To keep the celebration going throughout the year, I decided to curate a series of different events that would celebrate her legacy through different experiences.[...]

February 16, 2017

City Organizers' Summit

by Amilia

December 30, 2016

Big Changes at

by Alia

You can't opt out of geography

Daniel Rotsztain
December 2, 2016
by Amilia
May 3, 2016

Toronto to Calcutta – A Tale of Two Cities

On May 8th, 2016, one Jane's Walk will unite two cities on opposite sides of the world. The Toronto Walk Leader explains.

It was a year ago that I visited Calcutta. I had been there once before, a decade earlier. The sheer energy on Park Street struck me. I grew up in Delhi, a city of organized chaos and people, many people—23 million of them,in fact. So I am used to crowds, but Calcutta was different. During that week, I saw fleeting glimpses of Calcutta; it was different from where I came from. I didn’t think much about my trip later,[...]

April 20, 2016

A Traveller's Jane's Walk

by Arleigh

April 6, 2016

Walking in Panama City

by Arleigh

You can't opt out of geography

Daniel Rotsztain
November 2, 2015
by Calgary Foundation -----
October 18, 2015

Jane's Walk, with a Viennese twist!

I'm in Vienna to lead a few walks with City Organizer, Andreas Lindinger, as part of the global Walk21 Conference.

"How much can you possibly say about walking?” a friend asked jokingly at our Thanksgiving table last weekend.   It turns out, a whole lot!   A few days ago, I landed in Vienna to take part in the Walk21 Conference, an international gathering of architects, planners, writers, media artists, advocates, flaneurs, foodies, and culture-makers who are fascinated by walking: Walking as a way of building community, walking to promote public health, walking as a central focus of even master plans, to ensure[...]

April 30, 2015

Five tips for enjoying a Jane's Walk

by Greg

April 28, 2015

New festival in an ancient city

by Alice

April 27, 2015

What stories can you tell?

by Sameer

You can't opt out of geography

Daniel Rotsztain
April 24, 2015

Discovering Manila on foot

Two Jane's Walk organizers in Metro Manila tell us that walking in their city can be challenging, but has many rewards

Photos from the 2014 "Viva Manila!" walk, by Julia Nebrija Manila’s first Jane’s Walk was held last year in the City of Manila (one of 17 different cities in Metro Manila). We sat down for a Skype chat with returning organizer Julia Nebrija, and Celina Agaton, who’s organizing walks for this year’s festival in the central business district of Makati. Julia describes the "Viva Manila" walk as an introduction to the area for people who wouldn’t usually have a reason to visit[...]

April 17, 2015

Walking as Public Engagement

by Zainab

April 14, 2015

Getting from "yeah" to "yes"

by Sameer

You can't opt out of geography

Daniel Rotsztain
March 20, 2015
by Daniel
March 16, 2015

Stories from a Debut City

Organizing Brisbane, Australia's first Jane's Walk festival

My city, Brisbane, made its Jane's Walk debut last year. I really I had no idea what to do or how to make this happen, but the willingness of people and organisations to be a part of the day and to share their city resulted in four walks. Over 100 people attended, including quite a few children (and a couple of dogs!). Here is what happened and what I learned! Walk 1: CBD Vibrant Laneways and Small Spaces This was led[...]

March 11, 2015

The view from here

by Nadia

March 5, 2015

Where True Power Comes From in a Community

by Calgary Foundation -----

You can't opt out of geography

Daniel Rotsztain
December 9, 2014

Where would Jane Jacobs live if she lived in Baltimore?

Jane's legacy, Toronto's Annex neighbourhood and Baltimore's Charles Village.

    Awhile back I led a bus tour of 40 urban planning students from Toronto on a tour of Baltimore. When we got to Charles Village, someone asked me why I chose to live here. Without time for a detailed and analytical answer as the bus lumbered down St. Paul street, I said, “Where would Jane Jacobs live if she were to live in Baltimore? She would live in Charles Village”. Looking out the window at the neighborhood's physical and[...]

September 9, 2014

Jane's Walk at Future of Places Conference

by André

May 5, 2014

Vienna's first Jane's Walks

by Andreas

April 30, 2014

Zapopan is on the map!

by Patricia

You can't opt out of geography

Daniel Rotsztain
April 25, 2014

Inspirations for Your Walk

Get inspired by these visuals of the Technology, Arrivals, Gender, and First Nations walkshops held by Jane’s Walk Toronto.

Going on a Jane’s Walk this May 2014, leading a walk, or planning a walk? Get inspired by these visualizations below of the Technology, Arrivals, Gender, and First Nations walkshops held by Jane’s Walk Toronto over the last few months. The themed walkshops had speakers and brainstorms about people, resources, and organizations related to those themes. Walker? – Get an idea of what you might see on your walk and questions that come up for people in the city. Walk Leader/Volunteer? These visualizations will give you ideas on[...]

April 22, 2014

Just Look Up!

by Lauren

You can't opt out of geography

Daniel Rotsztain
March 19, 2014

Hello from Tokyo, Japan!

In the shade of the cherry blossoms, planning the city's first Jane's Walk

Story and photos by Doug Slaymaker, Tokyo City Organizer. Walking in Tokyo today, near the end of March, one can see the early cherry blossoms. The full bloom canopies will come in a few weeks to fill the street with fragrance and color. Cherry blossoms: they are among the first things that one associates with Japanese streets, right? Indeed, they have been a symbol of Japan and Japaneseness for hundreds of years. Venerable cherry trees reach across the many rivers[...]

March 5, 2014

March 6 is UK World Book Day

by Nadia

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Daniel Rotsztain
February 26, 2014
by Ari Fernando
February 18, 2014

Walking to School

It's good for kids. Toronto's Chief Planner explains why

Last week, Jennifer Keesmaat, Chief Planner for the City of Toronto, gave a talk on the subject of walking to school. The talk was the keynote address at the first Annual General Meeting of Walk Toronto, a group that advocates to improve walking conditions in the city. There are obvious health benefits to walking to school, and research shows it helps kids academically as well; those who walk to school show improved concentration and do better in class. As recently[...]

January 29, 2014

Watch: EveryBody Walk! Summit videos

by Claire

January 24, 2014

Manhattan skyline drawn from memory

by Josh

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Daniel Rotsztain
November 5, 2013

Cities Alive breathes life into urban planning

Exploring how citizens can band together to define their vision of their region, city, neighbourhood, or street.

One of the defining traits of Jane Jacobs was her belief in the power of citizens banding together to define their vision of their region, city, neighbourhood or street. Jane Jacobs proved time again in her fights with City Hall in New York and Toronto that citizens had a powerful role in shaping city-planning policy. Jane Jacobs had a unique ability to rally people around planning decisions, topics that are often difficult for people to feel passionate about. In many ways Jane's Walk is[...]

You can't opt out of geography

Daniel Rotsztain