Jane’s Walk Jerusalem 2013

///Jane’s Walk Jerusalem 2013
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May 2013

City Organizer: Einat Gomel
Walk Leaders: Thalia Hoffman, Roey Offenbacher, Ariella Cwikel, Einat Gomel, Ester Saad
Text by: Einat Gomel
Photographs by: Thalia Hoffman, Einat Gomel, Eran Trabelci, Ariella Cwikel

In Jerusalem, we had 12 unique and very Jerusalemite walks. City council member Dr. Meir Margalit led the walk “Human rights, settlements and the city.” A bike ride between ecological sites was led by Festigal founder Jonathan Plitman, while musician and sound artist Yafit Reuveni guided a sound walk between galleries in the Nachlaot neighbourhood.

Social activist Ofek Birnholtz led a walk titled “From Mea Shearim to Sheikh Jarrah: A mosaic of dilemmas and conflicts,” a crash course on the borderline neighborhoods of Jerusalem. Artist Yoram Amir guided walkers through a tour of “The evolution of Jerusalemite stone: The development and preservation of the beautiful buildings of Jerusalem,” while another artist, Noa Flecker, led a walk that looked at “Woman, art and public space in Jerusalem.” And storyteller Amir Harash, together with artist Matan Israeli and walk participants, invented an imaginary history in “The steps in the darkness: a journey under the highway”. On her walk, artist and filmmaker Thalia Hoffman was seeking people who knew her dad, Dr. Teddy Hoffman, a well-known character in Jerusalem during the ‘80s and ‘90s. Fifteen years after his death, this walk began at the house he used to live in and ended at the house he died in.