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Mikki Indyk ᛫ City Organizer

JANE’S WALK ISRAEL Modiin Train Station 9:30am I’m doing a walk FOC for those of you who want to join me will tell you all about the beginnings of Modiin from before the ANZACS till today the Modern Miracle is now 20 years old and we celebrate Janes Walk 100 years if you like Urban Community Walks come join me I’ll even introduce you to some local plants and herbs, just remember some walking shoes and a bottle of water. If you like after the walk we can continue to Park Anabe and Lunch in the area but that is not part of the tour , just an option to have a social gathering. Ring me on 0547150438 or go to Janes Walk Israel!
הסיור מספר על התחלת העיר מודיעין מימי 1917 עד היום 2019.
 נטייל ברחובות העיר כולל מרכז העיר ונראה גבעת התיתורה המתחדשת וצמחיה.
הסיור מתנהל באנגלית ועברית ע”י תושבת העיר  מיכל אינדיק אשמח שתצטרפו
Having first attended a Jane’s Walk event in 2015 in Jerusalem, the following year I decided to take on the job of being the city organiser for Modiin and lead a Walk from the Macabbeans and Beyond! Nestled between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv you can see Modiin straight from the airport or en route to Southern Israel and onwards to the Red Sea. This is the 3rd year of the tour in English through the backstreets of Modiin to Titura Hill.

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