Amateur Photographers’ Walk through Tel Aviv

///Amateur Photographers’ Walk through Tel Aviv
Amateur Photographers’ Walk through Tel Aviv 2017-10-04T16:27:04+00:00

May 2017

Walk Leader: Elisheva Zeltser
Text by: Elisheva Zeltser
Photographs by: Elisheva Zeltser and Gil-Ad Sax

We gathered in the historic square where the State of Israel was declared in 1948, in the heart of Tel Aviv. It was a walk for amateur street photographers between three historical squares in the heart of the city, all surrounded by impressive buildings in Bauhaus style and the Eclectic style that our Mediterranean home is known for. As we walked, we were impressed by the massive urban changes we saw taking place in the city; many buildings that were declared for preservation are now being restored and their beauty rediscovered. Alongside those buildings, new skyscrapers are being built and changing the face of the city. It was a magical Friday afternoon, when the city calms down just before Shabbat enters and the atmosphere in the city changes completely.

A highlight was when we arrived at the Carmel Market, just as the shops were closing and before the cleaners arrived. Everyone started snapping. Fifteen amateur photographers joined in our walk and soon we were all walking and exploring together, chatting and exchanging impressions about our passion, each person uniquely capturing the moment with their camera. We “clicked” effortlessly with our new Jane’s Walkers.

Soon we were all photographing ourselves devouring ice cream, holding the cones in one hand and cameras in the other. What started as an organized afternoon walk developed into an impromptu frolic that ended at 9. We are glad we have photos of our enjoyable evening!