Rediscovery of Mukojima

///Rediscovery of Mukojima
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May 2015

Walk Leader: Shunji SUZUKI

Mukojima is a local, traditional and intimate mix, a residential and commercial neighborhood where narrow alleys are laid out at the foot of the Tokyo Sky Tree tower. Eight walks covering different themes were created to deeply inspect and further understand the area.

Some of the themes discussed included local life, architecture, local taste, nature, history and sightseeing. The themes and routes were decided by AMS members.

About 60 people participated in the event. These were local residents, members of AMS, a not-for-profit organization active in the area, students and instructors from Meiji University, and those simply interested in the neighborhood.

Our walk lead us to visit Tamanoi, an old Karyukai neighborhood which was popular with Geishas and had many formal Japanese restaurants. This neighborhood is described in a 20th century novel by Kafu Nagai. We also found the Terashima eggplants that used to be produced here.

Everyone was encouraged to walk and capture the sense of the place they were in by using all five senses. We strolled around the local streets and found strange and interesting architecture. We also told participants to look for signs of nature wherever they went. We persuaded everyone to think of Mukojima as a zoo and take note of animals roaming through the neighborhood. They were encouraged to find dead-end alleys and make 360 degree moves. Participants mapped the information they saw by integrating GPS, digital cameras, and IC recorders.

After walking, each team did a 10 minute presentation to share what they found and what they saw.

The 2015 Jane’s walk in Tokyo was a really fun and successful event and helped us re-discover our rapidly changing Mukojima neighborhood.

This event was sponsored and supported by:

Association of Mukojima Studies (AMS), Meiji University, Community Design Partners for Children’s Safety, Dontsuki Association, and Bughaus.