What Jane said..

Jane Jacobs is known for her ideas, community organizing and observation. But she was great with words too! A great communicator. Let's list some of her powerful statements

Christien Stoker, April 29, 2016

"Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody."

"New ideas require old buildings."

"Believing their block maps instead of their eyes, developers think of downtown streets as dividers of areas, not as the unifiers they are."

“You’ve got to get out and walk. Walk, and you will see that many of the assumptions on which the projects depend are visibly wrong…….."

“A sense of place is built up, in the end, from many little things too, some so small people take them for granted, and yet the lack of them takes the flavor out of the city….”

“The remarkable intricacy and liveliness of downtown (read: a city) can never be created by the abstract logic of a few men…”

"Streets and their sidewalks-the main public places of a city-are its most vital organs"

“There is no new world that you make without the old world.”

"The way to get at what goes on in the seemingly mysterious and perverse behaviour of cities is, I think, to look closely, and with as little previous expectation as is possible."

 "Sidewalks[ ...] are public. They bring together people who do not know each other in an intimate, private social fashion and in most cases do not care to know each other in that fashion."

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