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May 2013

City Organizer: Marko Peterlin
Walk Leader: Romana Kačič
Text by: Marko Peterlin
Photographs by: Marko Peterlin

Tartini Square in Piran was bustling with people on that Saturday afternoon, and it was hard to distinguish our small Jane’s Walk crowd from other groups enjoying a perfect spring day.

The walk we were starting would follow one of the most popular walkways, familiar to all locals and visitors of this beautiful medieval town. Only this time, we were considering the walk from the perspective of the blind, and trying to understand the challenges they face along this short stroll.

Our walk leader, Romana, invited as our consultant a resident of Piran who lost his sight four years ago and was still getting accustomed to it. Many walkers, especially younger ones, tried to experience some of his feelings by firmly covering their eyes.

The walk began at a central square and led us along the fishermen’s port and the communal beach, and then past the many restaurants by the coast. It ended at Punta, a cape with a small church and a famous lighthouse, where the coast is defended by large limestone rocks, many of which were transformed into sculptures in the last decade by young sculptors.

Our consultant helped us understand how the sound of waves, the warmth of the sun, and the different smells of the sea and the restaurants can help in orientation. We talked about the role of different senses as well as about the various obstacles on the way. I took note that stairs are a nightmare for the blind. The walk ended on the roof of the lighthouse with a lemon cake, prepared by Romana and her husband, with a perfect view of the sunset about to come.