Reviving Škofja Loka

///Reviving Škofja Loka
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May 2014

Walk leaders: Anja Musek, Darja Matjašec and Klemen Karlin

Text by: Anja Musek

Photographs by: Nika Mohorič and Peter Pokorn Jr.

“Let’s establish a fund to restore the castle!” exclaimed one of the 120 participants of Jane’s Walk while walking through Stara Loka, first mentioned more than one thousand years ago as Lonka, the oldest part of the beautiful medieval town of Škofja Loka. We all accepted the proposal with a loud cheer!

A 14th century Stara Loka castle, one of the three castles in Škofja Loka, has been vacant and deteriorating for years. The area of Stara Loka needs a cultural and social centre, and the castle could fill that void. Participants continued to brainstorm on programs the castle could hold:

“We could have a parish library here or a public music school, art academy, a religious museum!”

“It’s a great setting for exhibitions, concerts of chamber music, lectures…”

We continued the walk by the park that belongs to the castle but is now closed for public and used solely by a nearby institution for visually impaired and elderly.

“Why not open the park to the public once again, so we and our children can enjoy it too and interact with the blind, the elderly? This would be beneficial for all the community,” suggested a participant suggested, reflecting on how he used to play in the park with his friends when they were young.

These were just a few of many initiatives heard on the beautiful sunny Saturday morning while walking the streets of Stara Loka. Other suggestions included making the stream that runs under Stara Loka the main design feature in the area and reviving the street, that is now dominated by vehicles, by adopting the “shared space” scheme. We ended our two hour walk at a local tourist farm where we continued to discuss our ideas. 

All the suggestions were written down and handed over to the municipality. Cultural-Historical Society Lonka Stara Loka has since taken up the idea from our Jane’s Walk and set up a fund and taken other action to maintain and revive the castle.