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May 2014

Walk leader: Joaquín Fayos
Text by: Magda, Javi and Pedro from Paseos de Jane Córdoba
Photographs by:

For the third year in a row we celebrated Jane’s Walk in Córdoba, Spain. We are extremely happy and motivated to keep supporting the festival as local organizers, we believe in the power of walking and exploring our neighbourhoods to make better places — walks for discovering and transforming!

Joaquín, the walk leader, contacted us in order to find out if a walk visiting artist studios would be possible. We were very excited about the idea and encouraged Joaquín to go ahead and organize it!

We gathered at 12 p.m. at Combo Art Gallery, an independent cultural arts and exhibition platform in Córdoba promoted by La Fragua artist residency. Anders, an artist from Norway and one of the promoters of Combo, explained to us how the space encourage artistic exchange between Spanish and international artists like him. After visiting Combo we headed to Manuel Garcés’ painting studio. Many questions arose by being at his studio, like the intentional lack of natural light, his sketching technique using regular notebooks, and the sources of inspiration of his work. Manuel truly engaged with the people attending the walk and visiting his studio, everyone was delighted and surprised.

Lastly we visited Rafael Cervantes’ painting studio, where he had prepared a sketch of his mother portrait so he could explain to us his painting technique. People were asking about his commissioners and his everyday work routine. Perhaps we have in our minds a romantic, idealized image of the life of a painter, however at the end of the day they are just like everyone else, people with families and working 9 to 5. The experience was so positive that some artists in Córdoba are now considering organizing a bigger event once a year, such as an open studio day, so everyone could get to know how artists work and have a closer look at their creative process. It’s an exciting new way to open the artist community in Córdoba to everyone.