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May 2013

Walk Leader: Marie-Anne Lerjen
Text by: Marie-Anne Lerjen
Photographs by: Nicholas Esseiva

In Zurich, there are two football clubs. Formerly, each of them had its own stadium.

Today, they play in the same stadium, a newly built one. Our Jane’s Walk took us past the area where one of the old stadiums
had been. It had to be torn down because it wasn’t safe anymore. Planning for the new building is still in progress, so the place is
now an open space with some ruins. In the middle of Zurich’s meticulously designed city fabric, it is a rarely seen wasteland.
Thanks to the initiative of a group of local residents, this “wasteland” is open to the public.

I was impressed by the place. People have started to plant vegetables and flowers; some built an outdoor oven to bake bread; others constructed a skater tube; a theatre festival took place there; and so on. The area is open to all, day and night. After the walk I asked myself: Do I really wish for a new stadium to be built there, or should this “possibility space” be allowed to last longer?