Tainan Waterfront Walk

///Tainan Waterfront Walk
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May 2017

City Organizer: Pina Wu
Walk Leader: Pina Wu
Text by: Pina Wu
Photographs by: Pina Wu and Joseph Young


Tainan is a city by the sea, but we often overlook the scenery of the waterfront and the river. On this walk, we started at the ancient town of Anping. Four hundred years ago, this was a fishing settlement engaged in maritime trading. We wended our way through the curved alleys of Anping, climbed the bank of the saltwater river, and then walked along the canal all the way back to the city. We walked in the heat of the early summer. We were dripping with sweat and discovered that the lack of trees and places to rest beside the river made for a rather inhospitable pedestrian environment. We didn’t see anyone else in the area except for fishermen. Tainan is developing into a true waterfront city, although our walk revealed a need for more human-scaled design that will actually bring people to the banks of the river and really engage with the city’s waterfront.