Stuff We Like to Look at in the Park

///Stuff We Like to Look at in the Park
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May 2013

Walk Leaders: Halim, Zak & their mum Emily Harrup
Text by: Emily Harrup
Photographs by: Rowena Macaulay

Halim and Zak have been going to Castle Park since they were just a few days old. It’s a place they love, so when I suggested we lead a Jane’s Walk there, they were really up for it. Halim put together a map of our favourite spots, and I found some photos to make a guide book.

Halim would be the walk leader, and Zak his right-hand man. Twelve kids, two babies and five adults turned up. I was ready for anything, having no idea whether Halim would go into showman mode or hide behind me and not say a word. He rose to the occasion!

As he clutched his guide book, we started with a tour around the exterior of the Castle, where Halim shared his passion for ancient history, explaining why slitty windows are slitty, and the inner workings of the garde de robes (or poo chutes, as we affectionately call them).

A couple of our young walkers showed us their hideout. We fed monkey nuts to squirrels, and the kids got competitive over poo sticks on the Colne. Halim took his role very seriously and kept everyone in order, bringing them back to attention when they got too distracted.

We ended at the top of the twenty bumpety bumpety steps, said our thank-yous and farewells, and headed for the park cafe for a well-earned ice cream. Halim’s favourite part of the walk was “helping everyone find the ammonites in the Roman Wall.” Zak said he liked “when everyone was looking for the ‘secret mark’ on the Castle walls, and having an ice cream at the end!”