Our Past is Our Future

///Our Past is Our Future
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May 2013

Walk Leader: Russell Baty
Text by: Russell Baty
Photographs by: Russell Baty

Jane’s Walk, sponsored here by Carthage Main Street and the Carthage Historical Commission, is a favorite among locals because it gives them a chance to break away from their everyday lives and remember what it was like growing up in a small Southern town. Over the years, one business after another has left the traditional downtown area for the more heavily travelled highways; the Walk is designed to help young and old alike remember Carthage as the bustling seat of Leake County.

This year, walkers had a chance to see the renovation work being done on Court Street. Sidewalks are being widened to make them more user friendly, and new lighting is being added. The plan is for the entire square to become a pedestrian-friendly space, giving residents a safe and inviting area in which to walk and encouraging more businesses to locate there. At 12 stops around the square, old photographs were displayed, many depicting the city in the 1940s and 1950s. This gave walkers an opportunity to discuss their memories of growing up in the area and what made it special.

The walk ended with donuts and coffee at the Chamber of Commerce, where historical displays and photos had been set up around the room to encourage more discussion and inspire new ideas on how to revitalize the community.