A Walk on the West Side

///A Walk on the West Side
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May 2013

Walk Leader: Tina Regan
Text by: Nate Storring
Photographs by: Nate Storring

As we walked up a quiet residential street on Providence’s West Side, admiring the historic architecture of the neighborhood, one of the other folks on the walk pointed to a nearby house, announcing to the group, “Oh, I know the people who live there! They have a food truck!” My partner, who works at a medical insurance company in an unwalkable part of Providence, replied, “You know what? My company brings in food trucks every day of the week, since we don’t have any restaurants or groceries in our area. I wonder if they could use another one?”

Well, the two of them swapped cards, and indeed, a week later the neighbors’ food truck got in touch with my partner’s company to work something out. Throughout the weekend I saw many other informal deals struck and plans for the future made: two neighbors swapping plants, a city-lover deciding to go to his first bar night for urbanists, and so on. It’s that kind of spontaneous organization—caused by “random collisions with unusual suspects,” as local Providence writer Saul Kaplan puts it—that makes Jane’s Walk so unique.