Jane’s Walk Woonsocket 2013

///Jane’s Walk Woonsocket 2013
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May 2013

Walk Leader: Shane Culliton and Antonio Rodriguez
Text by: Text by Antonio Rodriguez
Photographs by: Text by Antonio Rodriguez

Initially, I wanted to participate in Jane’s Walk because I love to walk, but I also needed to explore Woonsocket. I had only been a Woonsocket resident for nine and a half months, but in that time I’d noticed that there was a strong disconnect between the residents and the local businesses on Main St.

Years ago, Main Street was a booming business thoroughfare. Residents used to use the old bank across the street from City Hall, and peruse the wares in the many beautiful stores. However, in recent years, Main Street has become nothing short of a ghost town, with more buildings vacant than not.

Two of the participants on our walk, an elderly couple from Massachusetts, shared some history with me and the other participants. They were natives of Woonsocket and, with their stories, were able to take us back into the period when Main Street was flourishing – the good old days. It is always wonderful when you host an event that gives people a chance to travel back in time.