Geschäfte mit Geschichte / Shops with History

///Geschäfte mit Geschichte / Shops with History
Geschäfte mit Geschichte / Shops with History 2017-10-06T17:05:27+00:00

May 2017

City Organizer: Andreas Lindinger
Walk Leaders: Martin Frey, Philipp Graf
Text by: Andreas Lindinger
Photographs by: Andreas Lindinger

Reprising a popular walk from a previous year, Jane’s Walk Vienna walk leaders Martin Frey and Philipp Graf showed us some of Vienna’s oldest family-owned shops. Having visited shops in the Neubau District last year, this year we wound up exploring the area around Wollzeile in Vienna’s Inner City District.

We saw beautifully arranged shop windows that should be considered public art and we had the opportunity to walk into some of the shops and talk to their owners and employees. We learned about their history as well as current challenges, including the imminent threat of a spike in rents. On our leisurely walk, only one shop owner didn’t have time to talk to us as she had just made a once-in-a-decade deal with a tourist from Asia. Peeking into these stores gave us hope that some of these pieces of Viennese heritage will still be around us for some time.