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May 2017

City Organizer: Andreas Lindinger
Walk Leader: Hanna Schwarz
Text by: Andreas Lindinger
Photographs by: Andreas Lindinger

Twenty-five years ago, Kaisermühlen Blues was a legendary Austrian television show that made Vienna’s Kaisermühlen neighbourhood well known across the country, portraying its charismatic residents, comical local politicians, and rough and cheeky Viennese humour. Which places from the TV show are still visible today and how does the current neighbourhood between the Old Danube and New Danube present itself?

Hanna Schwarz, a resident, mother and walking activist, answered these questions by leading us through the diverse neighbourhood, showing us some local landmarks such as an ice cream shop, the Kaiserwasser recreation area, traditional shops, and prominent municipal housing complexes. She gave us insight into what living in this neighbourhood means for her and her family. It became clear that this small neighbourhood still has a unique character, a close-knit community, and a high quality of life thanks to its ample waterfront access and recreation areas, making it well worth a visit.