(K)eine Fasanjagd / No Pheasant Hunt

///(K)eine Fasanjagd / No Pheasant Hunt
(K)eine Fasanjagd / No Pheasant Hunt 2017-10-06T16:36:11+00:00

May 2017

City Organizer: Andreas Lindinger
Walk Leaders: Bettina Berger-Zimmermann, Willi Grabmayr
Text by: Andreas Lindinger
Photographs by: Andreas Lindinger

You might be wondering about the title of this walk! On this walk, we explored the Fasanvietel (the “Pheasant Quarter”) with Bettina Berger-Zimmermann and Willi Grabmayr, who are members of a Local Agenda 21 citizen engagement group that promotes walking and cycling in Vienna’s Landstrasse district. The walk explored the lesser known footpaths, shortcuts, and passages across the district which are included in the SPEEDY Walking Map, a map created by the citizen group. We also talked about the Botanical Garden, new housing developments, mobility issues and other topics of interest in the district.