Jane’s Walk Lethbridge 2014

///Jane’s Walk Lethbridge 2014
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May 2014

Text by: Andrew Malcolm
Photographs by: Andrew Malcolm

With plenty of hope and optimism that the sun would shine, Jane’s Walk 2014 turned into a wet couple of days in Lethbridge, Alberta. Over the three-day walking festival, a healthy mix of first-time visitors, local residents, and friends from all over the City gathered. With total participation numbers growing to over one hundred, local urban enthusiasts took part in seven Jane’s Walks that helped in getting people outside, on foot, to learn a little bit more about Lethbridge’s oldest and most historic neighbourhoods.

Exploring the historic neighbourhoods of Downtown, London Road and Westminster, as well as the River Valley locals discussed a number of varying themes including walking for health & transportation, public art, rich history, vibrant communities, vital green spaces, and much more.

Each walk was led by passionate and knowledgeable walk leaders who shared a number of unique and personal stories that provided a one of a kind learning experience for all involved. As the various groups walked through the neighbourhood’s residents came out of their houses to join in on the fun, share a story or two, and even to invite the group into their home to escape the rain.

As a group of fifteen dripping wet individuals removed their mucky footwear and gathered in a neighbour’s living room the great power of Jane’s Walk and a real sense of community became very apparent.