From Ashbridges Bay to Little India

///From Ashbridges Bay to Little India
From Ashbridges Bay to Little India 2019-03-22T16:18:49+00:00

May 2008

City Organizer: Jane Farrow
Walk Leader: Susan Fletcher
Text by: Susan Applegrove

When I heard about the first Jane’s Walks in 2007, I decided to lead one to highlight the Ashbridges Neighbourhood. But since residents knew much more about local history than I did, I recruited local volunteers to bring their perspectives.

I hoped that 15 people would participate, so the speakers would feel their time had been worthwhile. When I counted 50, with more arriving, I felt overwhelmed.

Before we began, I asked participants to introduce themselves, where in the city they lived, and why they came to our walk. There were neighbourhood residents, folks who had gone on morning walks, a couple on their first date, and history buffs.

Gene Domagala led us from the Duke of Connaught School past the Ashbridge House and the ghost church. Near Greenwood Park, Cynthia Brouse told us the story of Jeffrey Baldwin. At the corner of Gerrard and Ashdale, library staff shared their building. Finally, the Gerrard-India Bazaar BIA treated us to samosas to end the walk.