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Donate to Jane’s Walk

Consider including Jane’s Walk in your charitable giving.

The legacy of Jane Jacob’s has given way to the innovative grassroots movement of Jane’s Walk. For nearly two decades, thousands of people across the world have taken to the streets to observe, reflect, share, question, and re-imagine neighbourhoods.

Jane’s Walk has shown us the magic of exploring cities through new eyes and new ideas. During 2020 and 2021 we have seen the effects of social isolation on our cities and communities. In May 2022 – We are excited to hit the streets and help bring our communities back together.

To keep Jane’s Walk free, accessible and open to all, we need your support today.

Our donors have helped us to…

  • Host tens of thousands of free volunteer-led walks
  • Hold space for critical conversation about community development
  • Give agency to community leaders of all ages and backgrounds celebrate their stories
  • Build community connections

Jane’s Walk is 100% donor-funded. It is and will continue to be, a free, citizen-led movement that encourages people to explore communities and share stories about their neighbourhoods. We strive to bring you a safe, accessible, and fun festival each year.

Thanks for your support.


Jane’s Walk is a charitable project based in Toronto and we depend on donor support to build and maintain the global movement of walking conversations.

Jane’s Walk is a project of MakeWay. MakeWay will process all donations made through this platform.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and commitment to Jane’s Walk.

MakeWay Charitable Registration Number: BN 130560188 RR0001