Polar Night Walk

///Polar Night Walk
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January 2018

City Organizer: Pauliina Jalonen
Walk Leader: Eeva Berglund and Pauliina Jalonen
Text by: Pauliina Jalonen
Photographs by: Cindy Kohtala

The origins of this walk were in the discussions of walk leaders: why do we always walk in the summer. Urban life in Helsinki is very much one of gray and darkness, of rain and slush.

In January a small group of brave residents took the whole Helsinki experience of icy streets and chilling wind from the sea. The proper winter had just started and took our slush walk by surprise.

The darkening night gave good ground for discussions on darkness and light in the city. Some enjoyed the Christmas lights, some not so. Good lighting in the parks and sideways provided safety but did not give chance for a peaceful darkness. We also managed to find a spot where the other side of the horizon was the dark sea and the other one night lighted buildings, such a great contrast.