Successes and Failures of the Inner City

///Successes and Failures of the Inner City
Successes and Failures of the Inner City 2018-04-04T19:24:06+00:00

March 2018

Walk Leader: János Klaniczay
Photographs by: Balázs Mohai Photography
Text by: János Klaniczay

We held the first Jane’s Walk in Budapest during the 10th Budapest Architectural Film Days, where the opening movie was Citizen Jane, the documentary about Jane Jacobs.

The tour was a typical architectural walk in downtown Pest, about the changes of the past years in public space design. This tour we usually do with tourists, who are intrigued by all the details of the local history. So what was very interesting this time was that we were walking with locals, who were either surprised by the stories, or had some very specific recollections and opinions about the changes, and they weren’t shy to share them.

Overall this Jane’s Walk was very much aligned with our mission at KÉK – Contemporary Architecture Centre – to open new perspectives in architectural and urban thinking, inviting a wide audience to discover the built environment of Budapest.