East Calcutta Wetlands Walk

///East Calcutta Wetlands Walk
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May 2013

City Organizer: Iftekhar Ahsan
Walk Leader: Bonani Kakkar
Text by: Abhijit Sarkar
Photographs by: Akash Modal and Iftekhar Ahsan

“Congratulations! You are now among the 1% of Calcuttans who have actually visited the wetlands.”

This walk enlightened us about the necessity of maintaining and nurturing the wetlands to keep the megacity alive. We didn’t know such a beautiful place existed so near to us, nor did we know that so many thousands of people residing in the area are struggling to stay out of poverty, but at the same time are feeding the city, supplying fish and vegetables to the city markets.

I suggest that everybody should take these walks whenever they can, so that they know their city, its wants and requirements, and its history, and learn what they can do to develop it. Bring a camera – not just for recording the walk, but also to document the needs of the place, to identify the problems and to reveal the solutions. My wife and I will definitely take part again.