Scalando la modernità/ Climbing Over Modernism

///Scalando la modernità/ Climbing Over Modernism
Scalando la modernità/ Climbing Over Modernism 2018-11-24T22:49:01+00:00

May 2018

City Organizer: Ambra Bernabò Silorata

Walk Leader: Giulia Casolla, Flavia Crisciotti
Text by: Flavia Crisciotti
Photographs by: Flavia Crisciotti, Daniele Lanza

Piazza Bologna first appeared in the 1909 Sanjust Plan. However, the neighborhood has never followed the traditional urban planning of those years. Big rationalist ideas envisioned it as a modern vibrant area, and shaped deeply the current lives of the inhabitants. The walk focused on Rome’s singular ‘climb over’ Modernism, and the residents did not miss the opportunity to tell funny and insightful stories of the neighborhood. We craned our necks and saw the futuristic beauty of the glazed elevators in the Palazzi Federici, and took a less conventional tour via some side streets and off-roads. We ended at the so-called Casa del Sole, where we climbed up the stairs and took a great group photo. Through storytelling and wanderings, we came away with our eyes full of wonder for what we walk past every day.