Jane’s Walk Querétaro

///Jane’s Walk Querétaro
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May 2018

City Organizer: Derive Lab in coordination with Stefania Biondi and Sergio Hu
Walk Leader: Derive Lab
Text by: Mariana Figueroa
Photographs by: Aron Covaliu

On the various walk routes of the first Querétaro Jane’s Walk festival, we created what Jane called the sidewalk ballet. On Friday May 4th, we walked as a group down Cinco de Mayo street under a sudden downpour while learning some of the original names of the streets through which we pass every day. The street names used to be inspired by the activities that were carried out there. For example, La Calle del Placer (“Pleasure Street”, today Independencia), for example, was where the El Placer bathhouse was located. This particular bathhouse was family-oriented, but others at that time were much less so.

The sidewalk ballet also took us through the twisting streets of the neighborhood of Menchaca on Sunday, one of the most controversial areas of the city. We had to do a few pirouettes to explore the irregular, uphill terrain of this neighborhood, which is located 25 minutes away from the historic center.
Walking the city that weekend, we observed and connected with other realities of Querétaro, spent time in its spaces, learned about stories and lives, and recognized ourselves in the other in an exercise of empathy brought about by the act of inhabiting, even for a few hours, a place usually inhabited by others.