Sensibilizatec Walk

///Sensibilizatec Walk
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November 2019

City Organizer: Alejandra Martinez
Walk Leader: IMPLAN Torreón
Text by: Rogelio Haces Gil
Photographs by: Alejandra Martínez & Catalina Argüelles

At first I saw this activity as a random and necessary thing I had to do in order to deliver my final paper of the semester in my ecology class, but at the moment I was blindfolded, I realized it was going to show me a lot of the side of my city that I didn’t know that much about.

Walking only with the aid of my friends and not having control of my destiny had a really powerful impact on me, allowing me to see the struggles some people have to go through every day in a city that is not made for them and that is constantly throwing obstacles at them.

I also got to guide some of my friends and my teacher through the irregular sidewalks, which made me feel responsible not only for myself, but for the life of the others, as well.

I think every person should at least try to observe and understand the different areas of opportunity in their city or community, as that is the first step to achieve a change in the way we think and the way we act.

I believe for most of my friends, it was a really enlightening experience that allowed us not only to finish our final paper but also helped us see that Torreon is still really far from being a sustainable and inclusive city.

I truly believe that the city has the ability to change its core values and turn into a more respectful and empathic town that allows everyone to grow and have the same opportunities.